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Proto Sentinel SCS


The Proto Sentinel is the most advanced SCS clamp available. At 3.5" tall, it offers 2" of handlebar support which is great for the taller bars seen on more modern scooters. The large 8mm bolts offer superior clamping power, and are more durable than standard hardware. The clamping area has been offset to allow more strength at the bolt threads. To keep weight down, the clamp features a tapered base, and cutouts.

An interesting new feature is the Spreader-Bolt, which allows you to easily open up the clamp once the hardware is loosened, allowing for smoother installation/removal.

  • Fits standard bars only
  • 3.5" tall
  • 2" handlebar support
  • 8mm hardware with 6mm Allen heads
  • Offset clamping area
  • Spreader-Bolt technology
  • 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

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