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Odyssey Hawk Tire

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Chase's tire is the first slick tire Odyssey ever did, and the final product came directly from lots of discussions with the Hawk man himself. Already a fan of Odyssey's Aitken tires, Chase wanted to add more variety to the line-up by doing something completely different for his design. He mentioned that Odyssey didn't have a slick, so they went from there. The Hawk tire has a fast, low-profile tread that is grippy, simple, and visually unique. This tread sticks to cement while still catering to Chase's style at the trails as well. These things look great on a bike and can be seen on many, so it's no surprise that lots of newer tires now have similar design cues. In some cases you will find that these look-a-likes are very heavy by comparison, so beware of the faux-Hawks out there.

  • Dual ply casing

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