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Envy AOSv5 Padel Deck


Charles loves to cruise through the street or in the park, always FAST. finding fluent lines and adrenaline packed times.

His deck is covered in a Matte Black quality paint and wrapped in his custom “Don’t Need Wings To Fly All Things” graphic. The Graphic is a proverbial collection of all the things that make up Charles’ philosophy in riding and in life.

5.1" Version

  • Width: 5.1 Inches/ 130mm
  • Length: 22 Inches/ 558.8mm
  • Headtube: 84 degrees
  • Foot space: 15.7 inches/ 400mm
  • Weight: 3.75 Pounds/ 1.7kgs

6" Version

  • Width: 6 Inches /153mm
  • Length: 23 Inches/ 584mm
  • Headtube: 84 degrees 
  • Foot space: 16.5 Inches/ 420mm
  • Weight: 4.4 Pounds/ 2kgs