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Eclat Strangler 4-Piece Bars (25.4)

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This is definitely not your average 4-piece handlebar. The most obvious feature of the new Eclat Strangler bar is the 25.4mm clamping area. This is increased from the traditional 22.2mm, so it will clamp more securely, and is much more durable. This is important because additional strength is needed for the bigger bars that are popular today.

Handlebar is only compatible with stems that feature a 25.4mm clamping diameter.

  • 4130 chromoly steel
  • Full liquid post-weld heat treatment
  • Width: 29" (9.1") / 29.5" (9.6")
  • 11.5 degree back sweep
  • 2.5 degree up sweep
  • Large radius bends
  • No-rust primer & powdercoated
  • Weight: 1130g / 2.49lbs

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