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Cole Zimmerman

Cole Zimmerman


Favourite skatepark: Pala Skatepark

Favourite jib: Boxes

Favourite food: Chicken fingers

Favourite rider/athlete: Dakota and Hunter Schuetz

Favourite video game: I don’t play video games.

Favourite movie: Chasing Mavericks or Point Break

Favourite music: Any song by Quinn XCII

Favourite magazine/book: I don’t read either.

Mateja Ilic BMX

Mateja Ilic

Favourite skatepark: My favourite skatepark is my local! Cassie Campbell, I love that park. I grew up riding it and I love the setup!

Favourite jibs: My favourite jib is a 360 briflip, or briflips in general! I also really love the feeling of a 360 double-whip. I love being upside down too!

Favourite food: I love pizza!!!

Favourite rider/athlete: I have two favourite riders. One is Logan Martin! I love watching him ride. My other is my best friend Anish Kalsi. We always have the sickest sessions, and we push each other so much!

Favourite video game: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Favourite movie: I love the movie Rad!

Favourite music: I love rap: Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Jack Fahey, and Mist

Favourite Magazine: I used to love the Props issues, until they stopped making them. Now I love Transworld BMX

Favourite book: Variant

Eric Madziak

Eric Madziak

Favourite skatepark: Inflow

Favourite jib: 50-50’s

Favourite food: Chicken McNuggets

Favourite rider/athlete: Dakota Schuetz

Favourite video game: GTA V

Favourite movie: Now You See Me 2

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite magazine: Any car magazine

Favourite book: On The Run

Murray Perryman

Murray Perryman

Favourite skatepark: St. John Skate Park (NB) or Woodward

Favourite jib: Back lip slide

Favourite food: Chicken breast on brown rice

Favourite rider/athlete: Zach Martin

Favourite video game: Skate 3

Favourite movie: Green Mile

Favourite music: Steely Dan

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Favourite book: Kite Runner

Logan Finch

Logan Finch

Favourite skatepark: Chino

Favourite jib: Flair

Favourite food: Nutella

Favourite rider/athlete: JonMarco Gaydos & Dakota Schuetz

Favourite video game: GTA V

Favourite movie: Elf

Favourite music: Rap & Hip Hop

Favourite magazine/book: Scoot Mag

Damon Mombourquette

Favourite skatepark: Clairemont Skatepark

Favourite jib: Box jumps!

Favourite food: Egg McMuffins

Favourite rider/athlete: Dakota Schuetz

Favourite video game: GTA V

Favourite movie: Happy Gilmore

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Brandon Jewett

Favourite skatepark: The skateparks at Woodward east

Favourite jib: Double Flairs and Box jump tricks

Favourite food: Burgers

Favourite rider/athlete: Jordan Clark, Cody Flom, Jon Marco Gaydos

Favourite video game: Skate 3

Favourite movie: Fast and Furious Series

Favourite music: Rap music

Favourite magazine/book: Scoot Mag



Anish Kalsi

Favourite skatepark: Joyride 150 and Cassie Campbell skatepark. I like Joyride because they have a great foam pit and resi. I like Cassie because it's my local and it's so fun to ride because it has a mini, spine, hip, flyout, quarters and it flows good in both directions.

Favourite jib: Barspin and tailwhips, I like doing them everywhere.

Favourite food: I like pizza and shin noodle cup.

Favourite rider/athlete: Kyle Baldock and Mateja. I like Kyle a lot because the way he rides is so unique and he has motivational videos saying that you can make it. I also like watching and riding with Mateja because we push off each other when we learn tricks and I love watching him do briflips on his bike.

Favourite video game: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX and CS-GO

Favourite movie: Happy Gilmore and Rad

Favourite music: I don't really have a favourite kind of music I like all types.

Favourite magazine: I don't really read any magazines if I want news I'll usually just check out Vital BMX.

Austin Style

Austin Style

Favourite skatepark: Inflow or Norton

Favourite jib: Halfpipes because I like bri whips

Favourite food: Ramen noodle bowl, it's really tasty

Favourite rider/athlete: Cole Zimmerman, he's super nice and works hard.

Favourite video game: Skate 3

Favourite movie: Harry and the Hendersons

Favourite music: Anything that's fun!

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Favourite book: Lost Hero

Nicholas Nelson

Nicholas Nelson

Favourite skatepark: Lot 8 and The Cage at Woodward

Favourite jib: Box jumps - the bigger the better!

Favourite food: Nutella!

Favourite rider/athlete: Dakota Schuetz

Favourite video game: Pokémon Sun/Moon

Favourite movie: Minions

Favourite music: Uptown Funk, Narwhal Song

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Favourite book: Pokémon Essential Handbook



Jesse Zabolotny

Jesse Zabolotny


Favourite skatepark: Ohio Dreams

Favourite jib: Rails

Favourite food: Pita

Favourite rider/athlete: R Willy

Favourite video game: Skate 3

Favourite movie: Warcraft

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Favourite book: Holes

Josh Summerhays

Josh Summerhays

Favourite skatepark: Inflow Skatepark

Favourite jib: Bank

Favourite food: Tacos

Favourite rider/athlete: Brendon Smith

Favourite video game: Midnight Club Los Angeles

Favourite movie: Pixels

Favourite music: Hip Hop

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Favourite book: Simpsons Comics

Mason Elia

Favourite skatepark: All-IN Skatepark

Favourite jib: The mini island at the new Milton skatepark

Favourite food: Bacon

Favourite rider/athlete: Jon Marco Gaydos

Favourite video game: Scooter Freestyle 3D

Favourite movie: The Waterboy

Favourite music: Any Jay Purp song

Favourite magazine: Kota Magazine

Favourite book: Big Nate

Terrance Figueiredo

Favourite skatepark: Inflow

Favourite jib: The 6 foot quarter pipe at Inflow

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite rider/athlete: Chris Farris

Favourite video game: GTA 5

Favourite movie: Anything from the Fast and the Furious series

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite magazine: Scoot Mag

Favourite book: I don't read much

Tobias Carbini

Favourite skatepark: Inflow

Favourite jib: Wall ride

Favourite food: Subway

Favourite rider/athlete: Jason Zimmerman

Favourite video game: Skate 3

Favourite movie: American Ultra

Favourite music: Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys

Favourite book: I can't read...

Aiden Lawson

Favourite skatepark: All-IN Skatepark

Favourite jib: All-IN's quarter to resi

Favourite food: Cereal

Favourite rider/athlete: Cody Flom & Leo Spencer

Favourite video game: Scooter Freestyle 3D

Favourite movie: Jurassic Park

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite book: I only read when I have to

David Dametto

Favourite skatepark: Inflow

Favourite jib: Spox

Favourite food: Cereal

Favourite rider/athlete: Leo Spencer

Favourite video game: Scoot

Favourite movie: It

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite book: I don't read...

Liam Knightly

Favourite skatepark: Underpass (Toronto)

Favourite jib: Rotorwhip

Favourite food: Mandarin

Favourite rider/athlete: Tom Kvilhaug

Favourite video game: Forza Horizon 3

Favourite movie: Fast and Furious Series

Favourite music: Nothing in particular

Favourite magazine: Motortrend

Favourite book: I don't read if I don't have to.