Envy Soul Pro Scooter Bars

Envy Scooters: Soul handlebars

Now in stock in Blue, Red, Chrome, and Black!

Envy Prodigy 2014 Pro Scooter

2014 Envy Prodigy complete scooters are now available.

*Upgrades 110 wheels and new head tube design.

Envy KOS Scooters

The 2014 Envy KOS complete scooters have been changed to 3 different

models that have different handlebars and clamp depending on riding

choice which is super cool!

Envy KOS Soul Complete

The Envy KOS Soul Complete

Features: Soul bars and 4 bolt clamp

Envy KOS Heist Scooter

The Envy KOS Heist Complete

Features: Reaper bars and 2 bolt clamp

Envy KOS Charge Scooter

The Envy KOS Charge Complete

Features: Max Peters bars and 4 bolt clamp

District Helmeri Signature Scooter Parts

District Helmeri Signature Parts

 District V4 Integrated White

District V4 Completes

Black and white integrated are back in stock.