Year after year, Envy pro scooters amazes us with their awesome products. This year is no exception with amazing revisions to the Colt, the Prodigy, and the KOS series, plus the all-new Envy ONE!

Envy ONE Scooter Kit

The Envy ONE is a fresh new take on complete scooters. This scooter is sold as a kit, so you buy your base model which is sold without wheels, bar plugs or decals, then you add your own parts. There is also an Envy ONE Colour Pack which includes everything you need to make the ONE a complete scooter. Any rider can start out with the kit and build it up as crazy as they want it!


Envy Colt S2

Always a great entry level scooter, the new Envy Colt is better than ever. It now has a 120mm wide Prodigy style extruded deck, and 110mm alloy core wheels. It's really amazing how much these entry level completes have to offer these days.


Envy Prodigy S5

The Prodigy S5 now includes features often seen only on more expensive advanced level scooters. The 120mm extruded deck includes a nylon Envy grind plate for a really clean look. The 120mm wheels roll very smoothly, even on rougher terrain. If you thought oil slick was cool, don't forget to check out the new "Candy" colourway!


Envy KOS Series

The new Envy KOS Charge, Heist and Soul are truly remarkable pro scooters. The parts are the best of the best, and the colours are insane. The new 120mm hollow core wheels are light, and incredibly durable.