Jibs always has new stuff rolling through. These are just a few of the latest products that we’re excited about!

Madd Gear MFX 4.8 Deck

The highly anticipated Madd Gear MFX 4.8 deck is available at Jibs! MGP spent over a year developing and testing this deck to make sure that it can handle abuse from the most aggressive riders. It looks pretty good too! 

Madd Gear MFX 4.8 Pro Scooter Deck


Crisp Evolution Complete

With some great looking paint jobs, and a really unique downtube design, the Crisp Evolution is hard to miss. The deck is crafted from heat-treated 6061 aluminum, and the bars are made of chromoly for confidence inspiring strength.

Crisp Evolution Complete Scooter

Kota Tukno Bars

The Kota Tukno bars are made in the USA out of chromoly steel tubing. They measure 26.5″ wide, and 24.5″ tall, so they’re awesome for riders who like something a little bigger, and they can be trimmed down easily for smaller riders. Plus, each bar is hand signed by Kota himself!

Kota Tukno Scooter Bars 

Zeus Bearings

Zeus Bearings is a one-of-a-kind scooter bearing brand. These bearings are designed with the unique stresses of freestyle scooter riding in mind. The All-Weather ABEC9 bearings offer greater durability in wet conditions, and the Kota Pro Ceramic bearings are an ultra-high-performance option.

Zeus Scooter Bearings