Fasen Smith Complete SMX Scooter

The Smith Pro Complete is loaded with top of the line features. The deck looks amazing, and the cutouts keep it ultra light. The forged 8-spoke wheels are super strong, and the chromoly bars are everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The sealed integrated headset keeps your bars spinning smooth. The Fasen wedge clamp is a nice final touch whose unique design offers unparalleled clamping force.


Fasen Smith Complete Scooter

Deck:  Light Weight 7071 Aluminum Fasen Deck

Deck Geometry:  112mm/4.4” Wide, 498mm/19.6” Long

Brake:  Bolt-On Flex Brake

Fork:  Aluminum fork IHC Compression

Bars:  Fasen Smith Chromoly Bars

Bar Geometry:  550mm/21.6” x 550mm/21.6”

Clamp:  Aluminum Fasen Wedge Clamp

Headset:  Sealed Integrated Headset

Wheels:  Forged 110mm Fasen 8-Spoke Wheels

Griptape: Fasen Grip Tape

Grips :  Fasen Soft Grips