The holiday season is almost upon us, so for many it’s time to start thinking about shopping for friends and family. It can be challenging to find gifts for scooter riders, BMXers, and skateboarders. If the person you’re shopping for hasn’t given you a detailed list of what works with their equipment, check out the following guide to help make your decision.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is essential in action sports. Not only is it useful in protecting against serious injury, but it also helps riders progress more easily at their sport. Things like knee pads and elbow pads allow riders to push harder due to the improved margin for error. A crash without pads that could send you home early from the skatepark can be recovered from much more easily with pads.

If you have any issues with the sizing of your gift, make sure to check out our holiday return policy which extends until January 8th.

Complete Scooters

If the person you’re buying for is new to action sports, or if their equipment is looking a bit tired, a complete scooter makes a great gift. Jibs has scooters for riders of all skill levels. Check out some of our newest and most popular models:

Envy Prodigy S6

2018 Lucky Crew

Phoenix Pilot


If you’re looking for a smaller gift for someone who rides scooters or bikes, grips are the perfect option. Unlike wheels, forks, clamps and other parts, grips are compatible with all bikes and scooters. They’re available in all kinds of colours and styles, so you can find the perfect gift.


If it seems like action sports enthusiast that you’re shopping for already has everything, check out or selection of apparel. We offer tons of choices in t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, headwear and accessories in youth and adult sizing.

Gift Cards

If you’re still stuck on what gifts to buy, Jibs offers gift cards (which are available and redeemable in-store only). They never expire and can be purchased in any denomination that you choose.

If you still need help finding the ultimate present, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We can offer advice on parts compatibility and equipment sizing. Our holiday return policy can be found here.