Odyssey BMX Chain

Odyssey knows that while you don’t often have to remove and  replace a bike chain, doing it an be a hassle. Enter the Key Chain.

The Key Chain swaps out 3 of the rivet pins in your typical bike chain for strengthened 5mm threaded pins, each with a 3mm hex socket. Other pins are also upgraded to the 5mm strengthened type. This allows you to break and re-join the Key Chain using only a 3mm hex key. Simple repairs can be done on-site with only the hex key and a spare master link or master half link.

 Odyssey Key Chain Hollow-Pin

The Odyssey Key chain comes in two styles; the hollow pin variant offers substantial weight savings, and a more modern look.

Odyssey Key Chain Solid Pin

The solid pin version, while slightly heavier, is a more economical option for the price-conscious rider. Both versions ship raw, and lightly oiled.

The Key chain is a solid improvement over the common bike chain, and something any rider can appreciate.