Odyssey Bluebird

ODYSSEY BMX: Bluebird Chain

The Bluebird Chain uses a standard KMC 510-HX link and plate configuration and includes

a KMC Pintle half-link that’s pre-installed at the factory. The idea of the pre-installed half

link is simple. If you need the half link, than shorten the chain at the other end.

If you don’t, than shorten at the half link end.

Odyssey Bluebird Chain

The Bluebird is the first production chain that Odyssey has offered for sale, and it stands

as the precursor to an all new design that they have been working on in various forms

since before their “official” collaboration with G-Sport that was over six years ago.

Odyssey has developed and abandoned numerous concepts.

Odyssey Bluebird BMX Chain

As Odyssey continues to test and develop new designs, the rest of team are happily

riding the Bluebird, which offers the reliability of the proven 510-HX with the

precision of a factory installed half-link.