So this edit started with my friend Sam asking me if I wanted to be apart of a new

edit he wanted to do. It was going to showcase some local riders  and he wanted to

shoot a couple clips of each rider. I was stoked and down for it but, at the same time

I was thinking I barely ride nowadays and what could I do that would be edit worthy.

Right away I knew I would have to really push myself and I hope my body would keep

up with what I wanted to accomplish.


I never thought two wheels would take me so far in life. I have met some many great

people and have ridden so many different types of bicycles. I remember when riding

a 44T mega nuke sprocket with a motorcycle chain and Alex triple wall wheels was

the best thing ever. I honestly never thought I would make it this far, especially when

I think back to all the riders that have quit BMX over girlfriends or having a car. This

journey behind two wheels has been a great memory but for me it is coming to an end.

My body, mind, and will has finally reached its limit. I am thankful for still being here

to write this passage in one piece because I know their has been many times my life

could've been cut short. Thankfully for my job I can still live the dream and watch

others start theirs.

Phillip Williams BMX

- Here is a photo of the wall gap I did which was the first clip I did for the edit.

BMX Ankle Injury

- Above is a photo of what happened when I landed it and this is what I rode with

for the rest of the edit not fun.

During filming this edit I tried to make use of my time off work to film something

I would be stoked on but it seemed impossible. Just simply pedaling my bike

seemed awkward. That is what I had to expect considering I was only riding every

once in awhile. I am no longer 14, riding all day everyday; I am a grown man

working with responsibilities. Then there is my 27 year old beat up body that can

barely hold up to what I was putting it through. Yet I still have no regrets and

would never change anything because through it all. I know riding a bike saved my

life. If I wasn’t riding I would probably be a very angry person and not in the same

position as I am in today.

Get Gnar

In this edit I tried to push myself and for the last time. In some clips you can see me

trying my best to hold onto my bars because of the pain I was in. It seemed like every

time I tried to film a clip I would hurt myself even if I landed it but with every attempt

or trick I would just try to push the pain away and focus on what was in front of me.

I remember thinking, in the end I will be so stoked I just need to get through it. I am

going to be honest their were many times during filming this edit I wanted to quit

because I couldn't handle consistently hurting myself and then going into work for the

rest of the week in pain. The edit wasn't worth the discomfort during work or the idea

of not being able to work.

Sentenced - Life Behind Bars

In the end this is what BMX is when you fall down you pick yourself up and when

you can no longer keep up it is time to put it down. This is my farewell to BMX it

has been a great ride and I am so grateful for all the memories. I will forever be

apart of it because it has given me so much. I will just not be giving it anymore of

my blood, flesh, and tears. This is my sentence and this was my life behind bars.